Clark Whitney of wrote an article concerning the negative aspects of Euro 2012. Mr. Whitney talked about the presence of racism, hooliganism, and  politics present in the Ukraine and Poland.

According to the article, there has been talk of a boycott of the event by the politiciams of Western Europe.  While there are problems in Poland and the Ukraine, the same has been said about South Africa in 2010. The end game is that the games continue.

Boycotts? No Way

The idea of boycotting a sporting event does not help the people but instead helps the politicians feel good about themselves. At the same time, people do not obey boycotts but go to the events or by souvenirs of the events.

I would be sitting down and giving examples of boycotts that failed. The result would be a story of many pages which could become a book.

The biggest example against a boycott of Euro 2012 is from Eugenia Tymoshenko (who is the daughter of jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Ms. Tymoshemko stated the need for Euro 2012 to continue in spite of her mothers condition in jail.

Ms. Tymoshenko made her remarks taking into account that her mother is in jail after a political conflict with the current prime minister of the Ukraine.

Ms. Tymoshenko also said that her mother fought so hard to have the Ukraine host the 2012 Euro. She made her declarations in an interview with BBC News.

For those who insist on a boycott, don't bother to watch the TV or the internet unless there is another interest in the TV. Let us who want to see a sporting event enjoy it to the fullest

Say No To Politics

The comments about a politicized event is the most nauseating thing in the world. The people are fgoing to see Euro 2012 or go to the matches out of love for the sport.

Sports and Politics should never be mixed because they are two opposites that don't attract. The ones who desire to politicize such events should go to the places where politicians speak and enjoy the boredom.

The rest of us will enjoy Euro 2012.

Racism, Hooliganism,

No society is free from racism and hooliganism although some countries may learn to control it better. If a person who decides to attend Euro 2012 matches in Poland and the Ukraine, they should use common sense.

The examples of common sense include being close to familiar places and people, exchanging money in legitimate places, avoid confrontation if provoked, and avoid being at the wrong place and at the wrong time. It is this use of common sense that will reduce the incidence of being in trouble.


With due respect to Goal and Clark Whitney, the people should enjoy themselves but be cautious. The Premier League Insider wishes its readers the best and extends an invitation to see the Euro 2012 Poland Ukraine video filmed by Oleg Malyarenko.

Until the next time.