Tim Sherwood is expected to leave the Tottenham Hotspur at the end of the current Premier League [EPL] season. Not even a victory over Sunderland will be enough to save him.

Jamie Redknapp [ex midfielder for the Spurs and currently Sky Sports announcer] thinks Sherwood deserves another chance. He said that Franco Baldini should leave as Director of Football if Sherwood goes.

Redknapp blamed Daniel Levy for the sorry state of affairs at White Hart Lane. He based his reasons on the excess expectations of supporters and the owner.

The possibility of Louis Van Gaal replacing Sherwood appears to be inevitable although there are other candidates. Van Gaal or whoever replaces Sherwood are not magicians who can turn the Spurs around.

I am not surprised why others may have refused the opportunity to coach the Spurs.

Redknapp was right about excess expectations from Spurs supporters and the owner. We live in an age of instant gratification and excess expectations. We expect instant food, pets, companions, and sports without appreciating the time and effort.

Everything is fine when our needs are instantly gratified but we then complain when results are less than 100%. After that, we throw away what gave us instant gratification in the first place after it is “no good”.

What do we receive from instant gratification and too much blame on one person? The result is chaos with owners and supporters showing artificial support.

At the end, the club is hurt regardless of who is the manager. The players do not give enough for the club to generate victories.

This happened in Chelsea and is repeating itself with Manchester United and the Spurs. The Spurs deserve their disgrace until they learn that everything comes gradually and at a price.

It is hoped that the Spurs learn that lesson at the present time instead of when they descend [possibly] to relegation.