The latest drama between the Tottenham Hotspur and Luka Modric took an unexpected turn. Paris Saint-Germain is ready to offer the Spurs $62m for the miscreant midfielder according to The Telegraph.

It appears that if this is true, the Spurs will receive what they want for Modric. The only difference is that Modric's love is for Real Madrid.

Modric continues behaving like a primadona who throws tantrums when he cannot get things his way. The above You Tube video of Andres Villas Boas (courtesy of World Of Football HD h/t to BBC) is testimony to Modric's behavior.

It appears that Paris Saint is willing to resolve the deadlock between the Spurs and its primadonna. Modric should resolve his issue and sign with Paris Saint Germain instead of Real Madrid for the following reasons.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is one of the well established teams with personalities that will dwarf Modric. Real Madrid has Cristiano Ronaldo, Mesut Ozil, Sergio Ramos, and Iker Casillas among their ranks.

What could Modric do in midfield along with these players in the Santiago Bernabeu? It is also not known if Real Madrid has the money or the interest in signing Modric.

If Madrid does not sign Modric and the deal with Paris Saint Germain falls, the Spurs may retain Modric. The reason is that Modric's contract expires in the year 2016 much to the distaste of the miscreant.

Paris Saint Germain

Paris Saint Germain is a young club which is signing talent for the future. It recently signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic to its roster.

The club is moving forward within the Ligue 1 and beyond. Paris Saint Germain is expected to become a powerhouse with Ibrahimovic making history.

Modric could make history in an emerging club without the competition. Paris Saint Germain is in a position to make this offer which may not be available afterwards.

Question and Answer of the Day

1. Will Modric sign with Paris Saint Germain or Real Madrid

2. Will the Spurs retain Modric or release him

It remains to be seen what will transpire.