Erik Lamela will sign with the Tottenham Hotspur according to an article in the Times with an h/t to The Guardian. According to the same article, Lamela would leave AS Roma after the Spurs receive extra cash from Real Madrid and unload Gareth Bale.

The deal is expected to be worth £30m or $46.4m to complete for the Premier League club. Lamela who scored 15 goals within 33 appearances in Serie A has been linked Manchester City and Manchester United according to Goal.

While it is tempting to think Lamela may want to sign with the Premier League, it will not happen. The Argentine midfielder reiterated his loyalty to AS Roma in an interview with Sport Week in an h/t to Goal.

Lamela is grateful to AS Roma and its fan base for their support during his stay with the Serie A Club. It appears that AS Roma is also content with Lamela since its manager Francesco Totti praised the midfielder.

The Argentine midfielder went on to say that he can do more in Italy than in England. While Lamela expresses his loyalty to Italy, an economic factor looms in the horizon against an English move.

The battle between Real Madrid and the Spurs for Gareth Bale appears to go nowhere. The Spurs want Real Madrid to spend more than £100m or $155m to acquire Bale.

Real Madrid wants to negotiate the price while the Spurs think that Los Galacticos don’t have the money. The latest news according to The Independent with an h/t to ESPN FC involves Manchester United supposedly signing Bale.

According to the same article, the Spurs want to sign Javier Hernandez as part of any transfer deal for Bale. Lamela would not benefit in any transaction that could take him outside of AS Roma.

Lamela can obtain positive results in AS Roma which will not necessarily be the same in England. Lamela could become one of the Spurs biggest mistake since Fernando Torres signed with Chelsea.

Lamela could suffer the same humiliations that Torres is currently undergoing including a very demanding public. Who could not forget that Torres was once jeered by Chelsea supporters during a Premier League match?

The reason was the inability to score goals secondary to tension created by a pressure for such action. Lamela could face the same situation with certain members of the Spurs fan base and the press.

There have been cases of incompatibility between the English and the Latin players in its league. In the worst case scenarios, Lamela could be benched or exchanged in a future Transfer Window if results are poor.

In other words, it would be better if Lamela remains in Italy instead of complicating his life.

Erik Lamela Video courtesy of AS Roma You Tube Video Channel.