Rachel Bonnetta of Six in 60 reported about the upcoming match between the Toronto FC and the Tottenham Hotspur in this You Tube video. Rachel deserves congratulations from TPLI for her reporting but there is more to this match.

The Spurs will face Toronto this midweek and it will be an epic battle between England and Ontario. Toronto is in third place in the MLS Eastern Conference with 26 points, 17 matches played, 1.53 points per match, seven wins, five losses, five ties, 26 goals for, and 23 against for a three point differential.

The Canadian MLS Team has 14 home goals with a four point differential and 12 road ones with a minus one differential. 

The Spurs may have Roberto Soldado, Erik Lamela, and Andros Townsend in their squad and they are powerful. Toronto  may reply with Jermaine Defoe, Manuel Aparicio, and Nick Hagglund. 

It is expected to be a heated match with the possibility of Toronto defeating the Spurs 2-1.