Manuel Pellegrini admitted in an interview with AS h/t to Goal that he will go to Manchester City. The arrival of Pellegrini at Manchester City will begin a new era for opportunities.

Unlike Roberto Mancini who ended the 2012/13 EPL (English Premier League) season without silverware. Pellegrini may use his experience at Malaga to make changes for Manchester City.

Pellegrini may start with the signing of Malaga midfielder Isco during the Summer Transfer Window. Isco would be a great addition to Manchester City because of his youth and talent.

Borussia Dortmund attacker Marco Reus praised Isco as a genius in an interview with AS h/t to Goal. Goal praises Isco on the basis of his creativity and control of the ball during matches.

During the 2012/13 UEFA Champions League (UCL) and La Liga season, Isco scored 11 goals within 45 matches. Isco assisted seven times within these matches.

Isco (according to Paul Clennan of expressed a desire to join Manchester City if Pellegrini is manager. Another change for the Pellegrini era would be the departure of Carlos Tevez from Manchester City.

Juventus recently expressed an interest in signing Tevez once the latter’s contract expires this summer. This is an opportunity for Manchester City to remove a player whose antics off field outshine his performance on field.

Tevez managed to score 11 goals within 33 EPL matches for Manchester City. Unfortunately, Tevez gave former Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini grief with his refusal to participate in the 2010/11 EPL and UCL season.

Tevez finished that season with Manchester City defeating Manchester United in the city’s derby. He sabotaged the victory party with a placard insulting then Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Another change in the Pellegrini era could be Manchester City signing Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez. Martinez would probably serve as Pellegrini’s assistant in a renovated Manchester City.

The association of Martinez with Pellegrini was reported by The Sweeper in an h/t to Goal. Pellegrini will expect discipline and consistency in the newly reformed Manchester City team from the players.

The players are not wasting anytime in reciprocating with Manchester City midfielder Samri Nasri praising Pellegrini.  The new era for Manchester City is beginning to unfold with the possibilities of EPL and UCL titles in the near and distant futures.

It is about time that Manchester City embraces these positive changes that are about to happen.

Manuel Pellegrini You Tube Video courtesy of La Liga BBVA