Fernando Torres is set to be sent to AC Milan from Stamford Bridge as part of a two year loan deal. While one should receive some payment for performance, Torres should leave permanently at any price.

In recapping, Torres was great in Liverpool with 65 goals within 102 Premier League [EPL] appearances with the Reds. We cannot forget the 81 goals within 142 matches in every competition for Liverpool before he left the club.

His $83m signing with Chelsea from Liverpool in 2011 was a disaster after a beginning filled with pomp, circumstance, and celebration.  It appeared that Torres was unable to find a net or attempt to score goals.

While there are problems in adjusting to a new club, it appears that the lack of scoring goals affected his psyche. This resulted in scoring the first goal after 14 attempts during the 2010/11 EPL season.


Torres scored 11 goals within 48 matches and ten assists. His passing accuracy was 73% and shooting was 45%. His success at tackling was 89%. 53 fouls were conceded and eight red or yellow cards.


The Spanish forward managed to score 22 goals with seven assists within 62 matches. His passing accuracy was 70%, shooting was 57%, and tackling was 90%. He conceded 82 fouls and received five red or yellow cards.


Torres scored 11 goals with seven assists within 41 matches.  His passing accuracy was 65% and shooting was 57%. His success at tackling was 67%. 44 fouls were conceded and five red or yellow cards.

My personal memory of Torres was during the friendly match between Spain and Haiti at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida in 2013. When his name was announced and he was in the field, the jeers of the public were at high volume.

It is hoped that AC Milan will be a change for the better in the Spanish forward who has suffered since his arrival at Stamford Bridge. This remains to be seen.