Liverpool apparently may be signing Mario Balotelli after the striker said goodbye to AC Milan. While Balotelli has impressed the public with his precision and ability to dominate the field, there is another side.

Balotelli [like Suarez in FC Barcelona] will eventually be a liability for Liverpool in the next season. Who cannot forget the gate crashing of the Inter Milan Press Conference and his behavior in victory and defeat?

The Italian striker never took to losing and tends to be excessive in victory. Who cannot forget his dart throwing incident in Manchester City and his loss of temper towards its then manager Roberto Mancini?

Who cannot forget Balotelli's comments of personally attacking anyone doing racist acts during the Euro 2012 matches? The memories of driving into a women's prison cell, looking at a porn magazine, and setting his bathroom on fire are fresh in the mind of the many people.

What about the car crashes in Manchester City with ticket fines? The list continues but there are more details with a You Tube video courtesy of We Talk Football.