Mario Balotelli is set to move to Chelsea this January as reported by Charles Reynolds of The Independent.  According to Mr. Reynolds, Mino Raiola [Balotelli's agent] said that his client is willing to leave San Siro after a year.

Raiola stated [according to the Independent] that Balotelli and Mourinho had a great relationship in their time at Inter Milan. The same relationship could blossom at Stamford Bridge.

The idea of Balotelli returning to The Premier League is impossible although anything can happen this January. AC Milan manager Massimiliano Allegri made it clear that Balotelli remains at San Siro.

Mario Balotelli and Chelsea [or any Premier League team] would not benefit from the exchange. Balotelli and Mourinho did not have a healthy relationship when the two were at Inter Milan.

The Italian and AC Milan striker has suffered enough in the Premier League with Manchester City. Who cannot forget the love and hate relationship between Balotelli and the English press?

While Balotelli will not be excused for certain excesses at Manchester City, the local press has not been nice to him. The press [the majority of cases] paid attention to his antics off the field than to his contributions in the club.

Balotelli is aware of that when he told a journalist [during a press conference] from The Sun that he will not answer questions. It was the response of an individual in defending his dignity after being crucified by the tabloids.

Chelsea under Mourinho appears to be relatively well in spite of the recent loss to Newcastle. They managed to defeat Manchester City with Fernando Torres scoring a last minute goal on October 27, 2013.

The Blues managed to defeat Arsenal in the Capital One Cup without Balotelli's presence. Chelsea has other players such as Petr Cech, Ashley Cole, and Cesar Azpilicueta who helped in this season.

For the press reports about Balotelli's supposed mental status in Italy, he went through the same process in England. The media circus would follow him in Chelsea and may worsen relationships between the Italian striker and the Portuguese manager.

The lesson to be learned is that things should be left alone unless change is necessary.


Mario Balotelli You Tube Video Courtesy of AC Milan Channel