Chelsea is in Group G with Schalke 04, Maribor, and Sporting for the 2014/15 UEFA Champions League [UCL]. Stamford Bridge appears to be enjoying a renewal within the UCL [UEFA Ranking of four] and the Premier League [EPL] [second place].

The English club along with the German Schalke 04 will likely emerge from Group G with Chelsea in first place. Branislav Ivanovic, Eden Hazard, Andre Schurrle, and Diego Costa each scored one goal within two matches they participated.

The above players would predominate in any given match within the UCL. Under Jose Mourinho, the Blues have been enjoying a renewal with discipline, tenacity, and possession of the ball as well as the terrain. 

Schalke 04 [UEFA Ranking of nine] will face Chelsea in their first match of Group G UCL. While Chelsea will defeat Schalke, both teams will defeat Sporting of Portugal and Maribor secondary to their tenacity and consistency in matches.

Maribor [UEFA Ranking of 89] may surprise the group standings but they managed three wins and draws each. Tavares and Dare Vrsic each scored one goal within six matches played.

Damjan Bohar scored two goals out of six while Agim Ibrahim scored three for Maribor yet this may not be enough for the Slovenians to survive Group G. Sporting is number 33 in the UEFA Ranking with their first match against Maribor.

Sporting has stars such as Forwards Carlos Mane and Andre Carillo who may advance but not enough. Sporting never advanced in the UCL at the present time.