Arsenal crashed out against a superior Bayern Munich in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League [UCL] at Allianz Arena While Lukas Podoloski managed to save Arsenal from being scoreless, it was not enough.

It appears that after beginning the UCL and the Premier League with promises of a trophy in almost ten decades, Arsene Wenger's days as manager appears to be numbered. His way of managing the UCL match against Bayern Munich was criticized by Miguel Delaney of ESPN.

Wenger erred in substitutions such as Rio Miyaichi during the match and appeared listless during the match as witnessed by the underwriter while watching FOX Soccer. The magic that was there in the beginning of Wenger's tenure has disappeared with another crash out in the UCL.

The situation in the Premier League [EPL} does not help Wenger being in third place with 59 points behind Chelsea and Liverpool. The Gunners played 28 matches with 18 wins, five draws, five losses, 52 goals for, and 28 goals against for a goal differential of 24.

Mesut Ozil who was going to be the miracle at Emirates Stadium has suffered a hamstring injury. This injury is the latest addition to those of Nicklas Bendtner, Kieren Gibbs, and Nacho Monreal who could have helped Arsenal pull a miracle.

Wenger's cautiousness and almost gentleman like attitude is out of place in a game and season that thrives on toughness. It does not contribute to a sense of direction for the Gunners.

Arsenal needs a manager with teeth and authority that will inspire players to advance and win trophies. The teeth and authority is based on firmness and practice within all of the elements as well as aggressiveness.

Until that happens or unless Wenger changes his ways, this will not happen. There is a time for everything and the best that Wenger could do is either win silverware or turn over the reins to a younger generation who will accomplish this.


You Tube Video courtesy of UEFA