The UEFA Europa League receives another punch in the face thanks to racism. During the Inter Milan vs Tottenham Hotspur match; the Spurs were subject to racial abuse from Inter fans.


One example of the racial abuse consisted of an inflatable banana courtesy of an Inter fan. There were instances of racial slurs directed at the Spurs including Emmanuel Adebayor.


Spurs coach Andre Villas-Boas expressed hopes that UEFA will punish Inter for this latest racial offense. What transpired is terrible and a disgrace to football.


It goes against the grain of reducing and/or eradicating racism in football. The same lame excuses from the racist use culture as a shield against taking responsibility.


The ugly face of racism continues its presence in matches such as the UEFA Europa League. The people who suffer from personal inadequacies continue to reinforce racism


What can be said about Inter Milan? It appears that Inter did not learn its lesson after receiving a $62,500 fine for racially abusing Mario Balotelli when Inter faced AC Milan.


While condemnation is necessary, there should tougher punishment that $62,500 for Inter Milan. Inter Milan should receive a fine of $375,000 and a ten match ban for its racial behavior towards Balotelli and the Spurs.


In addition, the next ten matches after the ban must be played with a closed stadium. The punishment should not stop with the playing in a closed stadium.


The bans and heavy fine must be accompanied by UEFA monitoring the matches and removing miscreants from the stadiums. If this does not work, UEFA must relegate Inter Milan from Serie A to the minor leagues and impose a stricter Fair Financial Play rule.


While it will not reduce the problem of racism, the tough punishments will give Inter Milan time to think of their actions. Inter Milan is not the only culprit in racial slurs against the Spurs.


Lazio was fined and punished for racial abuse against the Spurs. The punishment should be the same as the one for Inter Milan.


Whether UEFA is willing to punish or not remains to be seen.


Inter Milan vs Tottenham Hotspur You Tube video courtesy of Tottenham Hotspur