The Tottenham Hotspur and Dinamo Tbilisi face each other in the second leg of the UEFA Europa League playoffs. The venue is at White House Lane in England this afternoon with the Spurs moving forward without Gareth Bale.

In the first leg of the playoffs, the Spurs left the Georgians scoreless in their country. The Spurs have Roberto Soldado, Paulinho, Danny Rose, and Andros Townsend to thank for the five goals scored.

What can be expected from the two contenders in these playoffs?

Tottenham Hotspur

The Spurs are currently in third place in the Premier League [EPL] with six points and a UEFA Ranking of 24. In spite of the drama surrounding Bale, the Spurs are defending themselves in the UEFA Europa League and EPL.

Hugo Lloris is expected to play a major role as the goalkeeper. Jermaine Defoe, Roberto Soldado, and Paulinho will provide the base of the team in the defense and midfield.

Danny Rose and Andros Townsend may be used within the second half of what is expected to be an easy match. The home advantage may help the Spurs in their quest for the Europa League trophy.

Dinamo Tblisi

FC Dinamo Tiblisi is currently number 234 in the UEFA ranking and last won its Winner Cup in 1980/81. According to the UEFA webpage, the Georgian club appeared in various UEFA events.

Dinamo Tiblisi defeated EB/Steymur in Tblisi last summer by a large margin in the UEFA Champions League [UCL] qualifying rounds. Unfortunately, it was unable to defeat Steaua Bucuresti and advance in the UCL.

It was on the top of the Georgian Premier League but is currently in seventh place with four points. Dinamo Tiblisi may use the second leg of the Europa League playoffs to mount a stiff although futile resistance.


Tottenham Hotspur 5-1 Dinamo Tiblisi

Roberto Soldado will score three of the five goals.

You Tube video courtesy of the Tottenham Hotspur