I have nothing against France nor the French National World Football Team. In fact, my mother's side of the family came from France.

I am also not showing any bias towards the US Soccer Team even though it is one of my favorite teams. The truth sets people free especially in sports.

What I do not like is foul play. especially the use of laser pens as shown in this video and link. Please observe the You Tube video between 0:57 seconds and 1:15 minutes the green light in the face of Eric Howard (US Soccer goalkeeper).


The US Soccer Team played against France in their home country and lost. While I can accept defeat with dignity, what happened was nothing more than foul play.

Eric Howard received his dose of laser from a laser pen at a time when France was ready to score. The You Tube video between 0.57 seconds and 1:15 minutes shows Howard ready to block a goal and receiving laser. I think it must have been a supporter of the French National World Football Team.

The laser treatment was a repeat of the Russian Premier League match between Spartak Moscow and Dynamo Moscow. During that match, supporters of Dynamo Moscow administered laser towards the eyes of Andrey Dikan (Spartak Moscow goalkeeper).

The match (and I saw it live on Univision TV) showed the French team shoving, grabbing shirts, and knocking down members of the US Soccer Team. The referee administered yellow cards when red cards should have been used for such anti social behavior in soccer.

What can be done?


FIFA MUST address the laser pen issue before more goalkeepers or other world football personalities receive permanent eye damage. Russia is in the process of broadening its anti laser pen law (applying to aircraft) to include world football fields and other public places.

The US Soccer team deserves congratulations in spite of losing. The US lost with dignity because they played by the rules.