Jurgen Klinsmann, US Soccer manager sent a message of tough love for the Men’s National Team or USMNT. The message was published in Goal and the Wall Street Journal.

In the message, Klinsmann made critical remarks about US Soccer, Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan. At the same time, he offered necessary solutions for the advancement of the USMNT.

The criticism touched on the complacency of the USMNT and the need to improve.  The improvement needs to start in time for the World Cup Qualifiers and continue.

While Klinsmann is right about the need for change in the USMNT, the change must come from within. It is the inner change that Klinsmann is promoting and I agree with him.

The inner mind can be a determining factor in the team being a powerhouse, stagnant, or drowned in arrogance. The USMNT must imagine itself in the semi finals or maybe the finals of the World Cup.

It is the inner mind that helps the person take action in the form of a proactive approach to matches.  Before taking a proactive approach, a lot of training is needed under many adverse conditions.

The USMNT [and the USWNT] must practice [and they might be doing it] under rain, snow, and hot conditions. They have to cover bases within the field and review even basics such as possession, and scoring.

The practice should last long with reviews of previous matches and those of opponents. It would help the squad get into form and prepare for the proactive approach in an actual match.

What are the proactive approaches to classifying in the World Cup and beyond?

The USMNT must tighten its defense, midfield, and goal post. The matches must be played in a consistent and continual level.

The opposing team should never be underestimated like it occurred last October in Jamaica. The result was that the USMNT slipped and it was close to not qualifying for the World Cup.

The USMNT must go on the offense in its proactive approach to the World Cup. They must acquire and maintain possession of the ball in the majority of the match.

The inner mind, practice, and proactive approach must continue in every match until the World Cup and beyond. There should be cooperation between members of the squad and the manager.

The idea of personalities should take a back door in the matches. US Soccer should not be dependent on Clint Dempsey or Landon Donovan.

In the same way that FC Barcelona will continue long after Lionel Messi is part of history, the same occurs with US Soccer. Eventually, the USA may have to change from a spring and summer system to a winter to spring system like in Europe.

It is hoped that the USMNT could get everything coordinated in time for the Hexagonal and the World Cup. The same applies to future events that US Soccer may participate in.