At a time when people look at sports including football as business, three supporters of the English National Football Team think otherwise. Adam Burns, David Bewick, and Pete Johnson decided to walk from Argentina to Brazil to see the World Cup with a different perspective. The Premier League Insider decided to invite them to an interview to discuss about their Walk To The World Cup


1. What inspired you, David, and Pete to walk from Mendoza, Argentina to Porto Alegre, Brazil in time for the World Cup?


Adam: We have always wanted to go to a World Cup and Brazil is such a beautiful and vibrant country, wit is going to be one hell of a party! We also decided that we wanted to have an adventure on the way and see more of South America, so we decided that walking would allows us to see parts of South America that you would never see on a normal holiday. 


Dave: We had read a great deal about how the very poorest people in Brazil would not benefit from the money made by the World Cup. So we had the idea of giving something back to Brazil by raising money for a charity that is very close to my heart, the J de V Arts Care Trust. My friend, Santa Tattersall, runs the charity back in the UK but the majority of their work is done for projects overseas. Walk to the World Cup is raising money to build a new water well in Pocos, Bahia. We are aiming to raise £20,000 and we are already a quarter of the way there.



2. There are others who attempted to walk to Brazil for the World Cup without success. What sets your cause apart from others?


Pete: As far as we know, the only other person to attempt walking to the Brazil World Cup was Richard Swanson from America who tragically got killed by a truck whilst walking on the Oregon Coast. We have taken as many safety precautions as possible and safety is of course our first concern. 


Dave: There are some excellent projects related to the World Cup, things like LionsRaw, Ride to Rio, Football Beyond Borders, Sumdger's Cycle, Caravan to Cup and Cheer for Peace. We just hope that we raise our target figure for our charity, entertain our social media followers and have an adventure along the way. 


3. What was the reaction from family and friends to your decision to walk from Argentina to Brazil?


Adam: My mum thinks we're mad and is worried to death, but my Dad wanted to come with us! They have all been extremely supportive and are putting on events and doing charity walks to help us fundraise. 



4. How long did it take the participants to prepare for this walk mentally and physically?


Pete: we have been planning the walk for over a year, however training didn't start until December. We are all pretty fit but it has been a gruelling experience so far and we do wish we had trained harder.  


5. What does Walk To The World Cup hope to accomplish for the world before, during, and after the World Cup?


Dave: Our main goal is to raise £20,000 for the J de V Arts Care Trust, which will allow them to build a new water well in Bahia, North East Brazil. We also want to raise awareness of the drought in Brazil, which has not been widely documented. 


Adam: We hope to turn Walk to the World Cup in to a project that happens every four years, but we might ride a rickshaw to Russia in 2018 as we will all be older and probably fatter.  


6. Will you, David, and Pete repeat the same feat during the 2018 and/ or 2022 World Cup?


 Adam: We hope to turn Walk to the World Cup in to a project that happens every four years, but we might ride a rickshaw to Russia in 2018 as we will all be older and probably fatter.  


7, Where can readers find information about Walk To The World Cup or how could they help?


Pete: People can donate at and you can also follow our adventure on the links below. The biggest thing we need help with is accommodation to try and keep costs down, so if anyone can put us up in Rosario, Uruguay and Brazil then they can email us at



8. What is your message to the world from South America?


Adam: The World Cup will make a huge amount of money for FIFA, Sponsors and the upper class of Brazil, projects like ours is a chance for football fans to give something back to the people of Brazil who will not feel the benefit of the World Cup. 




What you are doing is one of the greatest things in the world.  It is hoped that people around the world take heed and remember that there are less fortunate people in Brazil that need help. The World Cup is supposed to be universal in sports and humanity instead of crass commercialism.

I recommend that our readers see the You Tube videos from Walk To The World Cup. We included one of the videos Wallk To The World Cup Fan Search courtesy of Adam Burns.

My best wishes to Walk To The World Cup from The Premier League Insider.