Wayne Rooney of Manchester United had the fortitude to call Pepe of Real Madrid an idiot. The news was published in The Mirror of Great Britain.

Rooney made his declaration in response to the violent crushing of Messi's hands by Pepe during the match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Pepe also kicked Messi in the face last year in another encounter between the two Spanish giants.

Pepe "apologized" for the incident in a press conference published in the Real Madrid website. The Premier League Insider believes that Pepe crushed Messi's hand on purpose and that the case should be brought before the Spanish National World Football Federation Disciplinary Committee.

What Pepe did was intentional and should be punished much more than when Iniesta received the yellow card. Wayne Rooney did the right thing in calling Pepe an idiot although there are other words which would apply to Pepe.

Pepe shows disregard for the opposing team during these matches since he plays like if this was a war. Pepe should wake up and smell whatever is strong in order to face the reality that this is only a match.

It is hoped that Pepe receives punishement for what he has done.