West Brom and Chelsea will match forces tomorrow at the Hawthorns. At stake for both teams are three points with a chance to advance or remain on top. What can be said about West Brom and the Blue Nation?

The last time both teams met was on November 9, 2013 at Stamford Bridge. The result was a draw with both teams scoring two goals amid controversy in the last minute.

The controversy was generated when the referee awarded Chelsea a penalty and Eden Hazard scored the second goal. If it were not for the penalty, West Brom might have won at Stamford Bridge for the first time in three decades.

West Brom

The Baggies arrive at this match in danger of relegation. They are currently in 18th place in the 2013/14 EPL tables with 23 points.

Out of 25 matches, West Brom managed four wins, 11 draws, and ten losses. West Brom has 29 goals for and 37 against resulting in a differential of minus eight.

The attempts by West Brom to advance and impress in the current EPL season is not working. The club does not appear to be the same after the departure of Roy Hodgson.

The match against Chelsea is crucial if the Baggies want to save themselves.


Chelsea dethroned Arsenal from first place in the EPL table after the latter lost to Liverpool. The Blue Nation left Newcastle United scoreless when they played last weekend.

Hazard stunned the Magpies with two goals during the first half of the match. The Belgian forward proceeded to stun Newcastle with a third goal on the basis of a penalty kick.

The result is 56 points with 17 wins, five draws, and three losses for the Blues.Chelsea currently has 47 goals for with 20 against with a differential of 27.

It appears that Stamford Bridge managed to find a winning formula after a long struggle.


The Baggies have the home town advantage but the match is not theirs to win. Unless West Brom can make miracles happen, they are no match for the Blue Nation. Jose Mourinho managed to rejuvenate Chelsea with his return as manager.

Hazard is Stamford Bridge’s goal scoring machine and will predominate in this match. Chelsea is strong in possession, defense, and offense which will help him.

West Bromwich Albion 0-4 Chelsea