West Ham and Liverpool will measure forces at Upton Park for the Premier League [EPL] title. The Reds arrive at the Park after a huge victory over the Tottenham Hotspur.

The Hammers arrive at home after defeating relegation threatened Sunderland at the Stadium of Light. While West Ham is expected to offer resistance to Liverpool, the result is in favor of the Reds for the following reasons.

West Ham

Andy Carroll is the one to watch in this match against the Reds after scoring against the Black Cats. Unfortunately, Liverpool and Sunderland are two worlds apart with West Ham at a disadvantage.

The Hammers are currently in 11th place with 37 points, ten matches won, seven draws, and 15 losses. They have 36 goals in favor and 42 against with a difference of minus six.

While they are not threatened by relegation at the moment, Sam Allardyce is under pressure. The embattled manager was booed by West Ham supporters as the club defeated Hull two to one at Upton Park on March 31.

It is an attitude that is conducive to generating poor forms from players during matches. In the end, the club loses matches and suffers a descent in prestige within the EPL.


The Reds at Anfield appear to enjoy their most exciting season under its manager Brendan Rodgers.  Luis Suarez [Uruguayan Striker] abandoned his tactics of potential sabotage and is helping Liverpool.

Suarez contributes with his domineering and attack modes which were seen in the match against the Spurs. Phillipe Coutinho made strides as the midfielder in the pitch and scored against the Spurs last weekend.

Liverpool is currently in first place in the EPL tables with 71 points. They won 22 out of 32 matches with the remaining ten divided into five losses and draws.

Daniel Sturridge is one of the principal forwards at Anfield. According to an article published at ESPN-FC, Sturridge is a versatile player who could score goals quickly.

His record within the current EPL season is 20 goals within 24 matches and 84 shots. Sturridge managed seven assists within the same period.


While Liverpool is expected to defeat West Ham during the weekend, what remains is the margin. The following prediction is based on a personal opinion with the possibility of occurring or not.

West Ham 1-4 Liverpool

You Tube video courtesy of Liverpool FC