Manchester United appears to be making a comeback although late in the current Premier League [EPL] season. While West Ham is not at the top of the EPL the Red Devils left them without a goal at Boleyn Ground in London. 

The victory comes after a stunning victory over Olimpiakos in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League Quarter-finals. Wayne Rooney made it possible with two stunning goals within the first half of the match.

While watching the match on NBC Sports Channel, I was surprised when Rooney scored a goal from almost 50 yards leaving Adrian Del Castillo [West Ham Goal Keeper] stunned. The last time this happened was when David Beckham scored for Manchester United in 1996.

Rooney did not rest on his laurels as he scored a second goal for his team within 33 minutes. The goal was scored within eight yards after Rooney unexpectedly received the ball. West Ham was left demoralized without consistency and continuity as  United went all over the team with accurate plays.

After seeing such spectacular play that should have occurred from the beginning to the end of the current EPL season, Wayne Rooney is our MVP of the match.


You Tube video courtesy of Barclay's Premier League