Roberto Mancini who is the Manchester City manager told the Daily Mail in a h/t to ESPN that he thinks Tevez will never change. Mancini states that he wants respect for himself and the club.

The declarations are not surprising in The Premier League Insider. Tevez and Balotelli are great football players with many issues that need to be resolved.

The idea that Tevez and Balotelli can be changed is a chimera. The reasons are based on their behaviors in the past.

Carlos Tevez

Who cannot forget when Tevez refused to play in the UEFA Champions League match between Manchester City and Bayern Munich? The rebellion by Tevez may have cost Manchester City a possibility in winning the match.

Tevez continued his rebellious ways by going AWOL to Argentina in the hopes that another club would sign him. The result was that no club signed Tevez and he returned to Manchester City to apologize.

While Tevez laid low in the rest of the season, he did it again after Manchester City defeated Manchester United in the 2011-2012 EPL Season. Tevez hoisted a sign which insulted Sir Alex Ferguson during the Manchester City victory celebration.

Tevez did not issue an apology for his sign and his attitude.

Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli has the potential to be one of the greatest football players in history. The reality is that Balotelli may be a time bomb ready to explode at any minute.

Balotelli reminds The Premier League Insider of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Balotelli could be nice one minute and then lose his temper.

Balotelli once threw darts from his room towards the players that were practicing in Manchester City. He later confessed that it was out of boredom.

Who could ever forget Balotelli crashing one of his expensive cars in an English town? Balotelli even lost his cool during Euro 2012 with his threats to kill anyone making racist threats.

During the 2012 Euro match between Spain and Italy, Balotelli was seen punching the pitch with his fist. The Premier League Insider rests its case.


The evidence presented in this article proves that Tevez and Balotelli are lost causes. The possibilities for improvement may exist but it appears that there is no way to resolve their problems.

Mancini will either have to deal with it in the best way or have Tevez and Balotelli sold to another club.


The following video of Carlos Tevez is courtesy of Manchester City.