According to The Mirror, Chelsea's attempt to sign Cesar Azpilicueta from Marseilles was rejected because of pricing issues. Marseilles is asking $12.5m compared to the $8.4m Chelsea is willing to offer.

Azpilicueta is needed in Chelsea FC because of his youth and his ability to cover as a right back defender. Azpilicueta is in his 20's and is able to electrify the field with his energy and play on the field.

Azpilicueta can reinforce a defense that was weakened during the match between AC Milan and Chelsea FC.  Chelsea FC is able to pay the price for Azpilicueta given the amount of capital it has to rebuild and reinforce its team.

It would be a shame if Chelsea FC does not sign Azpilicueta.

The You Tube Video of Chelsea FC VS AC Milan at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Florida is courtesy of Roberto Alvarez-Galloso