According to ESPN Soccernet, Emmanuel Frimpong was fined $9377.56 by the Football Association [FA] for improper use of Twitter. Frimpong responded to an insult he received in his Twitter account with an insult in violation of FA Rule E3.

FA Rule E3 governs conduct among football players in English teams. The FA does the right thing in fining Frimpong for his abuse of Twitter.

Frimpong is a professional player who plays for a professional team called Arsenal. Arsenal belongs to the FA and the Premier League which requires professional decorum.

The professional decorum extends into the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. What is posted is a reflection of the player, professional, profession and the organization.

The sports world cannot have people responding with insults to a fan who insults. The way to respond is being nice or turning in the offender to the moderator of the social media.

It is hoped that this news story from The Premier League Insider serves as a lesson to those who engage in abuse of social media.

Frimpong You Tube Video-Leave It To Yeah courtesy of Emmanuel Frimpong