Mario Balotelli recently threatened to walk off the pitch if subjected to racism. This happened when AC Milan faced AS Roma in a match plagued with racist chants from the latter.

AS Roma has decided to take a step backwards while Juventus goes forward in saying no to racism. Racism is a cancer that threatens to destroy football and it must be stopped.

The regulations against racism must be tightened with FIFA and UEFA relegating teams or issuing heavy fines. While UEFA and FIFA are grasping with how to deal with racism in football, I propose a solution for Balotelli.

Balotelli should move to the USA and play for the MLS [Major League Soccer]. It may be a far-fetched but good idea for the following reasons.

My reasons are based on experience with one stadium in America and may be non-applicable elsewhere. While the US may be racially and ethnically divided, world football is an exception.

The hooliganism and racism such as throwing objects at players is almost non-existent in America. The security forces and police cooperate in detecting and eradicating any attempts at hooliganism or racism in the stadium.

Spectators are encouraged by the stadium management to call or text the stadium in case of any problems. In the majority of cases, the hooligans or those disrupting matches are arrested by the police and removed from the stadium.

There are programs by US Soccer such as RESPECT which does not allow racism and hooliganism. Balotelli would be appreciated as much as David Beckham was when the latter was with the LA Galaxy.

Balotelli would receive [in the majority of cases] positive publicity for his sporting activities without taking into account race. This is the big difference between world football in America and Europe.

It remains to be seen if Balotelli takes a step towards moving to America.