The USWNT [United States Womens National Team] is set to face the North Korean Womens Football Team today in the 2012 Olympics. The match is set against the backdrop of Hope Solo responding to Brandi Chastain's analysis of the current USWNT.

It is also set against the backdrop of Solo talking about the lifestyle of the Olympic athletes after matches. While Ms. Chastain has the right to criticize Ms. Solo and the current USWNT, the team will win in the 2012 Olympics.

The current USWNT cannot be compared to the team of Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain. The dynamics as well as the era of Hope Solo and Brandi Chastain are different.

The 1990's were the era of Ms. Hamm and Ms. Chastain preparing the road for the USWNT. The road culminated in the USWNT defeating China and Ms. Chastain removing her shirt in 1999.

The decades that followed are witness to Hope Solo, Alex Morgan, and Carli Lloyd continuing the USWNT tradition. The current USWNT has its share of victories and defeats like other teams but the team continues to play.

The USWNT including Ms. Solo and Ms. Morgan were underestimated in the beginning of the 2012 Olympics. The opponents such as France, Colombia, and North Korea are powerful teams.

The world witnessed the match against France with Alex Morgan in a starring role. It is not easy to come from behind and defeat your opponent 4-2.

Alex Morgan and the USWNT did that in their match against France. The USWNT continued their winning ways against Colombia with a score of 3-0.

The most important position in any team is the goalkeeper. Hope Solo has played the role almost to perfection in spite of allowing the French to score two goals.

Ms. Solo and the rest of the current USWNT are disciplined and consistent in their matches. They cover all of the bases within the field which leads to results.

The team has the inner attitude of winning which was present in the era of Ms. Hamm and Ms. Chastain. It is this attitude that will assist the USWNT in the current match against North Korea and future matches.

What will be the results?

USWNT 4-0 North Korea

Hope Solo Video "Solo On The Sound" courtesy of US Soccer