The latest defeat from the World Cup match against Uruguay leaves England in a precarious position. The loss against Italy and Uruguay dooms The Three Lions to an early exit from Brazil.

Is there any hope for England in its match against Costa Rica or should The Three Lions just give up? Everything hinges on the World Cup match between Italy and Costa Rica tomorrow.

England has one more group match against Costa Rica on June 24 which may or may not be its last. In the best case scenario [as appreciated with reviewing the Facebook page of Gadsby's England], Italy would have to defeat Uruguay and Costa Rica in their respective group matches.

This would leave England to defeat Costa Rica with possibly more than two goals. It remains to be seen if this scenario can play itself in this way.

Before closing, the MVP for Uruguay vs England were Luis Suarez and Wayne Rooney for a match which became a was of nerves.

You Tube Video courtesy of FIFA World Cup