The match started at the Arena Amazonia in Manaus, Brazil with both teams entering the arena. The squad listened attentively to their country’s national anthems.

In spite of the critics, the stadium appeared to be organized without any defects in the building and ground. After the exchange of pennants between the two teams, the game of the century began.

First Half

The match started with both teams beginning to feel the heat and the ground. The Three Lions and Azzurri did not want to concede ground with attempts at possession, consistency, and strong plays.

Raheem Sterling almost scored within the first few minutes of this intense match. The English attempted to test the resistance of the opposing goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu.

Danny Welbeck attempted and almost scored a goal yet Sirigu remained on the defensive. The goal was deflected on the side of the net.

It was Glen Johnson’s turn to make Sirigu and Italy’s life miserable without success.  Italy responded with the same treatment for The Three Lion’s goalkeeper Joe Hart.

Balotelli attempted to score but the ball went over the net after an overtly forceful kick. After a tug of war in the match, Italy scores the first goal with Claudio Marchisio scoring with a kick towards the left side of the net after the ball went through an opponents and Pirlo’s leg.

England responded with an action kick by Danny Sturridge after a cross set up by Wayne Rooney. The spectators increased the decibel in their support for their teams.

Roy Hodgson appeared to look nervously at the match as both teams attempted to score further goals. Another attempt by Balotelli to score resulted in Hart deflecting the ball.

The Italians attempted to score again but it was too late.  The first half ended with both teams scoring one goal.

Half Time

The Three Lions and Azzurri exceeded expectations in the first half with an exciting match from the beginning to the end. Both teams were able to function in the Amazonian jungle with the will, desire, and tenacity to win with one exception.

Italy’s attack mode appeared to be slightly superior to that of England although the latter have resistance. The most valued players in the first half were Marchisio and Sturridge for their artistic and athletic way of scoring.

Balotelli appeared to be overrated as his attempts to score were unsuccessful.  Sterling, Johnson, and Welbeck deserve an honourable mention for their near attempts to score.


Second Half

The Three Lions and Azzurri continued slowly but surely after an exciting first half.  Mario Balotelli increased the tempo by scoring a header into the centre of the net and redeeming himself in the process.

This was the beginning of the end for The Three Lions as Rooney almost scored but the ball deflected from the left side of the net.  The heat, humidity, and pressure from Italy were taking their toll on The Three Lions.

Rooney attempted to score two times without success. Gerrard attempted a penalty kick yet the ball went over the net.

Sterling received a yellow card for an offense while Italy started to feel exhausted. Pirlo attempted to score but the ball went to one top of the net and rebounded upward.

Italy prevailed after the a heated match with heavy humidity,

England 1-2 Italy

Vimeo video courtesy of Roberto Alvarez-Galloso