After a nerve racking match against Portugal, America will face Germany in a decisive Group G Match. Both teams have a victory and draw in their matches while Ghana and Portugal have a defeat and draw.

America and Germany have to draw in their match in order to advance. Ghana and Portugal must have a victory [under certain circumstances] to reach that goal.

The best that America can do is play with heart and soul by possessing the ball. America should not concede anything during this crucial match since Germany will not do the same.

Regardless of the outcome, America should play like this is the World Cup final and do it with dignity. In doing so, we can go home with our heads held up high and say we did our best.

At home, we have a duty to support our team in good as well as bad times for four cardinal reasons.

US Soccer is growing with leagues such as the MLS [Major League Soccer], and the NASL [North American Soccer League].
There are people watching football [soccer] more than ever with a new generation learning the sport.
US Soccer is beginning to have a rich history filled with athletes that have made out of the ordinary accomplishments. Who can remember Landon Donovan, Jozy Altidore, Alex Morgan, Hope Solo, Mia Hamm, Julie Fouder, Bruce Arena, Alejandro Bedoya, and Demarcus Beasley?
Those who live in America and love football [soccer] must support it so that the sport can consolidate its space. While respecting the rights of others to support their teams while living in America, it does not help US Soccer. The same belief should apply when America competes in international competitions related to other sports [basketball, baseball, NFL Football].

There are people who are smiling and making comments about the recent problems of Ms. Solo. I could care less about the personal problems of an athlete since we are discussing the achievements of US Soccer including its stars.

I read about the possibility of America and Germany fixing their match to ensure that both teams advance to the next round. This idea runs against the nature of America and is an offensive comment.

Regardless of what others say or think, I will support US Soccer [The Men and Women team]. I will support them until the last breath of my life because of its personalities and people.

I will continue to talk about these courageous people who have made US Soccer what it is today. We will continue in the present and future World Cups to grow in spite of the detractors.

In closing, we will not forget the following chant which should be our mantra: WE WILL WIN!!!!!!!