Qatar apparently bought the 2022 World Cup according to an article on The Sunday Times. Ever since Qatar was awarded the event, the country has been affected by controversy concerning alleged irregularities of its successful bid.

The Middle Eastern country was also accused of employing foreign slave labor in the construction of the stadiums. The Sunday Times revealed that they have proof of the alleged deed from a lot of E Mails leaked.

In response, there have been calls for a new vote after revelations were published by The Guardian. In the article, a top Qatari football official allegedly paid $5m to potential voters so that his country can host the World Cup.

It appears that everyone in the upper echelon of FIFA were involved. There have been calls for a rerun of the vote with Australia willing to present a new bid.

If The Sunday Times have proof of this alleged scandal, they should reveal it to the public. FIFA must rerun the vote without the participation of Qatar if the accusations should run true.

The entire FIFA governing body that participated in the 2010 vote must resign and held accountable for their actions. Australia or the USA can present a new bid and deserve a chance to host the World Cup.

Both countries have great infrastructure for sports tourism and security. Everything is ready and organized without the need to build from the bottom. The European leagues would not have their schedule disrupted. Australia or the USA could prepare a World Cup without complications and it would be a fresh start from the corruption ridden 2022 Qatar bid.

The sooner this is done the better for all parties involved.